Kids are the most important persons in this world to us. I was growing in my room with a Tree house bed and a ladder accompanying me every day and night, which my father brought it to me, has been the most happiness memory in my childhood. My father has been operating in kids’ furniture industry for more than 20 years. Since now I have grown up and have my own family in Vancouver, I have decided to bring the best kids furniture brands to Canada.


Our children always spend most of the time in their own rooms. Our aspiration as a parent is with well-designed, stylish, and functional furniture can always bring them inspiration, passion, and precious memories at home.


Protecting our children with the most safe and eco-friendly furniture has always been our primary goal. Our brands has certificates like Blue Angels, TUV, CARB2 etc. We believe we have the highest standards of kids’ furniture.


Our brands has different varieties of style, design, and material. With the good quality and transformable functions to our brands, we have faith that our furniture will accompany our children from baby to teen.