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Moll Flexlight LED Desk Lamp


Flexlight: The flexible LED desk lamp by moll
accompanied day and night
Maximum flexibility
The Flexlight adjusts perfectly to any work situation: thanks to the gooseneck and ball joint, the lamp head and arm can be moved to any desired position in the clamp foot.

In addition to state-of-the-art LED technology, high flexibility and dimmable comfort light, Flexlight surprises with additional functions that make children’s eyes shine. The intelligent power button can accept all colors of the rainbow upon request and also serves as a night light. The integrated USB port in the light arm is the practical charging station for mobile phones and tablets, which thus meets the growing technical demands in the children’s and youth rooms.

moll – quality made in Germany!


Dimmable lighting
The sensor can be used to dim the light from 100% to 5%.

Sometimes red, sometimes green, sometimes blue
The intelligent power button can not only switch on and off, but also shines in many bright colors. At the touch of a button, the color changes. Even when the light is off. Thus, the Flexlight is also suitable as a night light and if this is not desired, this feature can also be disabled.

Particularly economical
The Flexlight is particularly energy-efficient: 85% energy savings compared to a 60W incandescent lamp.

Ingenious additional functions

The lamp has a USB charging station to charge the mobile phone and other electronic devices. The clamp foot holds the Flexlight firmly on the table without much space, even on a slanted table top (for slab thicknesses of 13-23 mm).

Technical specifications

Light source: LED
Light color: warm white
Rated luminous flux: 690 lm
Nominal luminous flux: 690 lm
Rated life: 25,000h
Rated life: 25,000h
Power consumption: 10W
Rated power consumption: 10W
Color temperature: 3,500 K
Starting time: Immediately full of luminous flux
Electric power factor: 0.57
Power supply: 5V, DC
Lamp lumen maintenance> 0.8 at 6,000h
Power supply: 220-240V, max. 2A / 5V
Protection class: IP 20
Lamp head: 15 x 5 x 1.6 cm
Lighting control: integrated dimming function
Color rendering index RA = 80
Color consistency -> McAdam ellipse