• Moll Champion

    Included with every Champion:
    • Foldable book holder
    • Hook for bags
    • Magnetic anti-slip device with ruler and magnifying glass
    • Personalize leg covers
      The moll Giant drawer is not included in the delivery. Decoration not included.
    Dimensions: 120×72 cm moll – quality made in Germany!
  • Out of stock

    Moll Designer Desk T7

    There is no such thing as a perfect ergonomic posture — neither at the office nor at home. But there is a perfect desk for every activity and every challenge. With its user-friendly operation and unique variability, the moll T7 grows with the user to supremely adapt to every situation. Whether as a home office, a crafts table, a hobby corner in the living room or as a stylish all-purpose desk, the moll T7 offers a healthy, comfortable solution for every situation in life and work. Timeless design is always the ultimate statement: Design for Life. moll – quality made in Germany!
  • Joker — the easy starter model The Joker desk system is our trump card. It is captivating for its reduction to classic moll details but does not compromise in design, quality and function. The love of detail, of the product and the workmanship can be seen at first sight. Clear, reduced and functional — our Joker base model is inspiring for its deliberate minimalism and clear design options that skimp on nothing: The height adjustment, tilt-adjustable work surface and choice of decor and color application create comfort, ergonomics and pleasure at work. Dimensions: 117 x 68 cm moll – Quality made in Germany!
  • Moll Winner

    Your perfect basic features:
    • Height adjustment option, stable metal foot with castor at the back and height adjustment
    • Desktop that can be tilted just by lifting up to 18° – adjustable cushioned lowering
    • Giant drawer: For lots of storage across the whole desk width.
    • With two foam inserts and organizer
    • Practical pencil compartment that can be folded up. Color applications and color strips are supplied in 6 colors
    • Can be extended with three storage options
    • Translucent book holder
    • Hook for bags
    • Orgaset
    • Durable wood elements made of chip board, coated with melamine resin
    • Magnetic anti-slip feature with ruler and magnifying glass
    Dimensions: 121×71 cm moll – quality made in Germany!  
  • Winner Compact by moll Space saving: the solution for small rooms The further developed program new basic allows great flexibility and variation with extendable basic models. Dimensions: 91×71 cm moll – quality made in Germany!
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